Wednesday, October 04, 2006

So long Whirlpool

Much to my amazement I was treated really poorly, by the Whirlpool Corporation. I bought one of their over the range microwaves and it stopped heating only 16 months after I bought it. The micro have only had a 1 year warranty on it even though they advises it to last for years, and they would not budge from the warranty one little bit. I had to pay someone guy $75 to come out and fix a lose wire. I was really disappointed Whirlpool would not stand behind their products and own up to their faulting appliance. I guess they don't value me as a customer at all, since I will never be buying a single thing from them again. I just get the feeling that most of their products must be faulty since they can't *afford* to reimburse the repair cost. In my mind $75 is peanuts compared to advertising costs and the value of customer loyalty. Think about how much better thing blog would have been had they gone above an beyond what warranty offered. I would have bought many more appliances from them in the future. I think I might mail them all the receipts of other appliances a buy in the future. Nay-- that is just silly.

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