Sunday, October 08, 2006

120K Miles

Our Saturn happily rolled past 120,000 miles this weekend. This is statistically significant since it now has twice as many miles on it that when we bought it. The original owners paid about $14,000 for it and sold it to us for $2,900 or about 18 cents a mile not counting taxes, insurance, repairs, or gas. Our cost per mile so far is 5 cents (not counting all the *other* expenses.) So far we have only had to replace the tires and one part for $140. Seeing as it can get over 38MPG, this by far will be the most economical car we will ever own. We did own a '92 sunchicken I mean sun bird that we bought for $500 put at least $600 in repairs at and drove for from 111K to 144K and sold for $175 which translated into 2.8 cents a mile, but the car was a rust bucket, with no ac, or cruise control and took an water every time it rained. So if the Saturn makes it to 169K it's cost per mile will be lower than the sunbird.

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