Friday, February 13, 2015

163 Miles of Cycling

I'm hoping this summer to make my 3rd attempt the ride my bicycle from my home in Xenia to Nicholasville, Kentucky in one day. This is a 163 mile journey. I will post my planning progress here.

I'm thinking about changing my route a little bit for this attempt.  Google maps helped my find a route around Lexington, KY.  This way I can avoid all the traffic on Lexington and arguably one of the worse roads to cycle on: Nicholasville Road.

The new route around Lexington uses lower traveled side roads through the beautiful Blue Grass Region.  This should make for a more enjoyable and safer ride.  However, there are a few down sides  to the new route, less services available, more hills, more turns to navigate, and I will not be riding on the 8 mile Legacy Trail in northern Lexington. The

Original route via the Legacy Trail, Lexington, and the evil Nicholasville Road

The Blue Grass route around Lexington

According to Google it is only going to take 9 more minutes and a half mile longer to use the Blue Grass route.  What is 9 minutes when I am going to spend all day cycling?

There are two other minor changes to my route.  I'll be crossing the Ohio River using the John A Roebling Suspension Bridge simply because the bridge has a great history and I want to ride past the great American Ball Park. The Purple People Bridge was a great way to cross the river as well, but I want something different this time.

I will also be using Turkey Foot Road (KY - 1303). I love Kentucky Road names and numbers.  Turkey Foot Road has nice bike lanes and less stoplight. 

Here is a MapMyRide map on the whole route.
The elevation chart is in error, The Ohio part in flat, and the Kentucky part is constant hills.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Quizzing Game for Awana

I am suspending sales of the Quizzing Game.  After 15 years it is time to call it a very good run.  Thanks to everyone who purchased a game.  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

2012 Fall Election Xenia, Ohio Voters Guide

Xenia's Sample Ballot

President/Vice President

  • (Green Party) Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala (Web Site)
  • (Socialist Party)Stewart Alexander/Alex Mendoza (Web Site)
  • Richard Duncan/Ricky Johnson (Apparently Ohio is the only state he is on the ballot, and I couldn't find a website)
  • (Constitution Party)Virgil Goode/Jim Clymer (Web Site)
  • (Libertarian Party) Gary Johnson/James P. Gray (Web Site)
  • (Democratic Party) Barack Obama/Joe Biden (Web Site)
  • (Republican)Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan (Web Site)
U. S. Senator
  • (Democratic Party) Sherrod Brown (Web Site)
  • (Republican Party) Josh Mandel  (Web Site)
  • Scott A. Rupert  (Web Site)
Representative to US Congress (10th District)
  • (Libertarian Party) David A. Harlow (Web Site)
  • (Democratic Party) Sharen Swartz Neuhardt (Web Site)
  • (Republican) Mike Turner (Web Site)
State Senator (10th District)
  • (Republican Party) Chris Widener (Web Site)
  • (Democratic Party) Jeff D. Robertson (Web Site)
State Representative (74th District) (Web Site)
County Recorder
  • (Republican Party) Eric C. Sears (I could not find a Web Site)
  • (Democratic Party) Martin Borchers (I county not find a Web Site)
Member of State Board of Education (10th District)
  • Jeff Hardin (Web Site)
  • Todd Book (I could not fot his Web Site)
Justice of the Supreme Court
Justice of the Supreme Court
 Justice of the Supreme Court
 Judge of the Court of Appeals 
State Issue #1 Shall there be a convention to revise, alter, or amend the Ohio Constitution?
Issue 1 is a question that by law appears on the ballot every 20 years. It has never been approved since the 1910's. From what I can tell no one is pushing for this.
  • Yes
  • No
State Issue #2 To create a state-funded commission to draw legislative and congressional districts
Issue 2 deals with how the congressional district lines are redrawn every ten years. Currently, the lines are drawn by our electric officials in columbus. The republicans have been in charge and have drawn spaghetti lines across the state to keep as many republicans in power as possible. Issue 2 would set up a commission the draw the lines. Issue 2 is being pushed by a coalition of groups including ohio democratic party, Ohio Libertarian Party, a variety of labor groups and the League of Women Voters of Ohio. I am personally will be voting yes on this issue.
Local Issue 21 Proposed Tax Levy (Additional) Xenia Community City School District 6.5 Mills
About $200 per year on a 100,000 house.
School Levies are the hard.  I am not universally against them. I do want to support our local schools. It is reasonable to pay a little extra due the to state cuts. However, I do believe that the school district needs to make a strong case additional taxes. Simply stating there will be devastating if this does not pass is pathetic. I need to know, what will be cut, if the levy fails and what will be funded in the levy passes. From what I understand if this levy does pass Xenia will be one of the highest taxed school districts in the state. I think budget cuts should start with administrative salaries.   
Local Issue 22 A renewal of a tax for the benefit of Greene County Mental Health and Recovery Board 1.5 Mills About $47 per year on a $100,000 house

Monday, October 24, 2011

2011 Fall Election Xenia, Ohio Voters Guide

State Wide Issues

Ohio Secretary of State web site about the Issues with Arguments for and Against.
Issue 1

If approved, Issue 1 would raise the maximum age when one can become a judge from 70 to 75.

Issue 2

According to the League of Women Voters of Ohio Education Fund, Issue 2 would: “Affect public employees, in particular, teachers, firefighters and police. Prohibit public employees from striking, eliminate binding arbitration as a way to settle contract disputes, require performance based pay for teachers, establish a minimum that public employees must pay for health insurance and pensions, allow the governing body (public employer) to impose its own last offer to settle a contract dispute.”

A “yes” vote on Issue 2 would affirm Senate Bill 5, which was signed into law by Governor Kasich this year, and enact the provisions stated above.

Issue 3

Passage of Issue 3 would make it illegal for Ohioans to be forced to buy health insurance or participate in any health care system. This attempt to block key provisions of Obamacare would likely be challenged in federal court, but it would be a clear signal that Ohioans wish to assert their 10th Amendment rights against a blatantly unconstitutional and potentially disastrous overhaul of a huge portion of the national economy that would greatly diminish personal liberty for every American.

Greene County Issues

Issue 13
Xenia Community City School District
Emergency Levy- Additional
4.8 mills- five years- Commencing 2011 ($147/year on a 100,000 house)

Issue 14
Greene County Career Center
Permanent Improvements- Renewal
0.75 mill- five years- Commencing 2011 ($16/year on a $100,000 house )

Issue 15
Greene Memorial Hospital
Operating Levy- Renewal
0.5 mill- five years- Commencing 2012 ($13/year on a $100,000 house )

Xenia City Council 4 to Elect

John Caupp (Website)

Michael Engle

Josh Long (Website)

Dale Louderback (Website)

Monday, February 21, 2011

30 by 30 list

Here is 30 by 30 list. I'm not completely satisfied with it, but here it is now, I might change a few things are the year progresses.

Bike Century
Visit Hocking Hills Statepark
Visit Columbus Zoo
Learn to grill a mean steak
Buy a gold coin
Run a 5k
Roller Blade to work
Buy a nice Road Bike
Cook a romantic dinner
Finish World Map Art for living room
Weigh 160 lbs
Make a new kind of ice cream
Goto a Michigan Football Game
Attend a Cedarville Basketball Game with Lily
Ride the Van Buran Bike Trail
Make Bed Frame and Headboard
Make over my office
Take our Awana club to AwanaGames
Memorize a scripture passage
See my cousin Dan
Visit Alicia & Kirk
See a 3D Movie
Disk Golf at a new Course
Finish the Great Miami Bike Trail
Bikeride with Lily to Youngs
Drink a new kind of pop
Take Danielle to a new Resteraunt
Buy Meat from grass feed cow
Plant a Fruit Tree
6 Months savings in the bank

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Xenia-Jamestown Bike Trail

Here is my review of the new part of the Xenia-James town trail. From Xenia Station to Jasper Road. Pictures taken during a snowy December day. Click the above picture for more pictures of the new part of the trail, along with descriptions of the pictures.

The Xenia-Jamestown trail is now complete in Greene County other than the important fact that the tunnel still needs to be built under Bypass US-35. Below are two maps of the new parts showing the gap in the trail.

Xenia Station to US-35 (NEW)

US-35 to Jasper Road (New)

This is the road Detour I took. I've been told that there will be signed detour at some point.

Here is the whole trail from US-35 to the Greene/Fayette County Line

Monday, November 29, 2010

I will blog for free Christmas Cards from Shutterfly

Finally, it looks like my blog is going to pay off. I'm participating in Shutterfly's 50 Free Christmas Cards Promotion. If you have a blog you can too. Here is my shameless promotion for Shutterfly. Over the years Danielle has tastefully used our digital pictures to create photo books, greeting cards, and calendars. A few months ago I saw how special a personalized calendar was to Danielle's grandma. This summer our family was visiting "Great Grandma" from out of state. She was proudly displaying in her living room her calendar from 2008, the month was correct but year was a bit off. Great Grandma loves seeing bright and colorful pictures of her kids, grand kids, and great grand kids. Our family draws names for Christmas thus the two year gap in calendars, but this year we will make sure that she gets a new Shutterfly calendar from us.

Shutterfly also has some very neat products out this year just in time for Christmas. My favorites are:
We look forward to sending our these photo cards to share a smile with our family around the country and around the world.