Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ohio Linux Fest 2006

This weekend I had the privilege of attending *the* Ohio Linux Fest. I was able to attend with 4 other people from work. The presentations were excellent, I learned some, but I also learned where I need to learn more, especially with MySQL performance tuning. It was fantastic to be around people who use, patch, create and *evangelize* open source software. Being a database programmer and interacting with both closed source and open source systems I know that advantages of working with open source. Working with a closed system is like going to an glass art store where you can't touch anything, they don't explain anything, and there are sales people telling you how great everything is, and signs all around saying you break it you leases it every year for more and more money; whereas working with an open system is going to a museum, where you can touch everything, everything is explained, and you can build and modify the exhibits, and copy them and take them home for free. I hope in the near future I'll be able to contribute code in the open source community.

The Columbus zoo also treated us to a Penguin Show. Which was fantastic since the Penguin in the mascot of Linux.

Yes open source is
free as in beer,
free as in speech
and yes and times free as in puppies.

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