Sunday, October 01, 2006

$1.999 Weekly Gas Price Update 10/01/2006

The lowest price I saw gas for this weekend was $1.999 at many gas stations along
I-75 near Georgetown,Ky. It was a good feeling to see gas *under*
$2.00. I also did a little non-scientific experiment this weekend on
fuel efficiency and driving speeds. This test was conducted on the way to and back from *The* Ohio LinuxFest. On the way there I drove mostly 65MPH and on the way back I drove mostly 70 MPH. The trip was about 210 miles each way. On the way up at 65 MPH
I got 38.4mpg and on the way back at 70 MPH I got 34.3mpg. That translates into
an extra cost of $1.38 at 2.099 a gallon to drive faster and get home about 15 minutes
quicker. Or about $5.50 an hour.

The lowest price at is $1.83 in Mississippi.

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