Friday, September 22, 2006

Who is writting your plans?

I attended chapel today at Asbury which I am encouraged to attend once a week, but rarely utilize. The speaker today was Steve Saint son of Nate Saint, one of five missionaries killed in their attempt to befriend the Waodani also known as the Huaorani in Ecuador. Steve delivered a powerful me sage today. He talked about the death of his father at age 5, his return back to Ecuador soon after, the amazing salvation transformation in the Waodani tribe, his return to Ecuador later in life and befriending of Mincaye, the man who killed his father and one who was able to comfort him in the unexpected death of his daughter. He talk with passion about even at age 5 he had all these plans. He planned to grow up to fly airplanes just like his father. But God changed his plans is wrote new ones. The chapter in Steve's life were written by God some chapters were very rough, but the endings were beautiful.

I plan on watching the movie “End of the Spear" which tells his story. I also plan to read his books as well. I also reflected how often obsess about planning my own life. God can do amazing things, but I limit him so much. I know my thought must seam *silly* to God's. Today's chapel was good for me. It makes me feel even more foolish for getting all worked up over getting a $15 parking ticket at work for having the wrong colored tag.

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