Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Google Adsence

I earned my first penny yesterday from Google AdSense. It took 9 days to earn that penny. Google doesn't send a check until you have earned a full $100.00. So at my current rate of .1111111 *pennies* a day I'll have my 'hundred bucks in 90,000 days or in 246.41 years. Let see after 246.41 years of inflation that would about buy a coke *maybe*.

I have now earned 10 cents from AdSence at the average rate of 1/2 cent a day, so in 20,000 days or in just over 54.75 years I'll have my first $100. So when I'm nearly 80 years old I'll be able to buy a 12 pack of coke after adjusting for inflation.

Today was a *Big* day I earned 35 cents in one whole day, which brings my all time total to 45 cents. That is an average of 2 & 1/7 cent*s* per day! At that rate I'll have my $100 by the year 2019 possibly enough to by pay 10 movie tickets?.


One Month since I started up Adsence and I stand at $0.89 just under 3 cents a day. So at 3 cents a day I'll have my $100 bucks for Christmas time 2016. Hopefully I'll have that will buy something nice for Danielle for Christmas.


It's been two months now. I have had some *big* days where I have earned well over a hundred cents. My grand total is now $6.95. At this rate I'll have my $100 in a short 2 years 5 months. That should be enough to book a hotel room somewhere for a short getaway!

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