Friday, October 17, 2008

Living Life Richly on the Cheap #12

#12 Zenni Optical

Lily ended up finding and breaking my old glasses from many years ago. So I was in need of new glasses. A friend recommended that I check out They have glasses that you can order online starting at $8.00. All you have to do is enter your prescription information. I only use my glasses when I don't feel like wearing my contacts. I didn't care all that much how they look. I was able to find glasses for $8 that looked fairly close to what I had before. I did add Anti-Reflection Coating for $4.95 and shipping was $4.95 per oder. Danielle also got glasses for reading and driving at night. She got nicer glasses for a total of $28.90 Making the grand total for two complete prescription eyes glasses: $46.80. It took two weeks to receive the glasses in the mail.

Total Savings: $38.31 (At Eye Mart glasses are 2 for $85.12 with tax)
Extra Hassle: Knowing how to read my prescription. Zenni Optical was less than helpful helping me, but Eye Mart where I got my eye exam was very helpful.
Catch: Waiting 2 weeks for glasses verses one hour and not being able to try them on.

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