Wednesday, October 22, 2008

JD's Voter Guide

The following is my personal recommendation for how to vote for all offices and issues on the ballot in Xenia, OH. Feel free to leave your opinion, perhaps you can educate me and I'll change my mind. I did my best to include the web sites of each candidate, but I was unable in every case to find their site. I did not include the races where a person was running unopposed.

President (Very Important)
  • I'm advocating voting for anyone other than McCain or Obama. Both continue to play Santa Clause trying to buy votes for promises they cannot keep. Both voted for the bailout and both are for an interventionist foreign policy. Both will sink our county into debt and allow the Fed to create money out of thin air. I feel we need to take a stand and vote no to more of the same. Voting for the lesser of two evils in still evil.
Attorney General (Very Important)
  • Robert Ownes in endorsed by the Constitution and Libertarian Parties. I think this position should not be held by a partisan person. Robert Owens would protect our civil liberties and our economic freedom.
Ohio Secretary State Information on the State Ballot issues.
State Issue #1 (yawn)
To provide for earlier filing deadlines for statewide ballot issues
  • JD's Pick - Yes
  • Earlier deadlines make it harder for dumb laws to be voted on? If anyone has another reason to vote yes or no let me know. I'm open to changing my mind on this issue.
State Issue #2 (Important) To authorize the state to issue bonds to continue the clean Ohio program for environmental revitalization and conservation
  • JD's Pick - No
  • Since this is not an emergency, I'll vote no to more debt.
State Issue #3 (Why are we voting on this) To amend the constitution to protect private property rights in ground water lakes and other watercourses.
  • JD's Pick - Yes
  • I'll always vote yes to protect private property rights.
State Issue #4 Withdrawn by the petitioners' committee

State Issue #5 (Very Important) Referendum on legislation make changes to check cashing lending sometimes known as "Payday lending," Fees interest rates and practices.
  • JD's Pick - NO
  • The government should never set interest rates, or keep a database of who borrows what.
State Issue #6 (Very Important) To amend the constitution by initiative petition for a casino near Wilmington in southwest Ohio and distribute to all Ohio Counties a tax on the Casino
  • JD's Pick - NO
  • Ohio constitution should not dictate a monopoly for a casino. This amendment also dictates the location. The amendment would preempt local zoning laws. May also increase crime.
Representative to Congress 7th District (Important).
  • I hate to say this but I'm voting for Austria because he is a republican. We need as many republicans in office to fight with the Democrats. This is a vote for gridlock. He is Endorsed by National Rifle Association (NRA) - "A" rating And Ohio Right to Life
State Senate 10th District
2nd District Court of Appeals (Not sure how important)
Commissioner (Somewhat important)
  • Eddie Baumann is a professor at Cedarville University. I read his website and I like his ideas for the commissioner position. I think the local government needs new people and new ideas.

Commissioner (Somewhat important)
  • I like the idea of having a fiscal conservative at the commissioner position. I also think have a Democratic and a Republican commissioner is a good balance of power. Her Cedarville speech.
Recorder (Needed Position)
  • Eric C Sears (R)
  • Mary Taylor (D)
  • Why do we vote on this position? Maybe we should vote on custodians? I not no clue who is better or worse. Just make sure the properties or recorded on time. Anyone got an opinion on this?
Treasurer (Important)
  • James is the current treasurer, as far as I can tell he is doing a fine job.
State Board of Education 10th District (Important)
  • Jeffrey is a fiscal conversation who thinks school should be controlled locally. He had good things to say about private and home schools. He also did not seam excited about no child left behind.
Xenia Issues

(Very Important)
#20 Xenia Community City School District Income Tax- Bond Issue
4.2 Mills
$132 per year on a 100K house
1/2 % Income Tax Increase
$194 per year on the average family income of 43K

JD's Pick -> NO

  • This is a hard one. Clearly Xenia schools need physical help. If this passes we get about half of the money *free* from the state of Ohio. However, I don't like the location of the new school. I think we should negotiate with the state for a *cheaper* school that we can afford. This is a large tax increase during hard economic times. We need to be careful that the Xenia tax rates do not force people to move out. We don't want to build a school that is half empty.
(Not sure how important)
Greene County Children Services Board Replacement/Increase- Operating
1.5 mills
$48 per year on a 100K house

JD's Pick -> No

  • I don't know how important this service is. If in doubt I'll vote no on a tax increase. If it is important, I'm sure we will get a chance to vote on this tax again.
(I do not really care)
Greene County Greene Memorial Hospital Renewal- Operating
0.5 mills
$16 per year on a 100K house

JD's Pick -> No
  • I think hospitals should not be funded by the government. This is only $16 a year so not a big deal if it passes.

Greene County Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Board Renewal- Operating
3.5 mills
$111 per year on a 100K house

JD's Pick -> NO
  • Again this is not a something that should not be funded by the government.

Greene County Mental Health and Recovery Board Replacement/Increase- Operating
2 mills
$63 per year on a 100K house

JD's Pick -> NO
  • Mental Health needs two taxes?

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