Monday, August 18, 2008

Living Life Richly on the Cheap #9

#9 Free Mini-Golf Coupons.

Young's our local mini-golf and ice cream activity center has an amazing coupon deal. In the spring Mountain Due cans come with a coupon with a free game of mini-golf at Young's. (Limit one free game per person per day) So, each spring I buy about 48 cans of Mountain Due. We bring along friends and go to Young's often. Young's also has the best homemade ice cream around. Also, the score card get's you a free waffle cone upgrade a $.99 savings. If you get a whole in one on the last hole your ice cream code only costs $1.00

Total Cost for two: About $10 (2 single scoop ice cream waffle cones [$3.29 each] and about one gallon of gas to get there and back - the free waffle cone. The Mountain Due cans costs about 35 cents each.)
Total Savings for two:
$11.49 Mini-Golf is $5.25 for adults and $4.25 for kids, and don't forget about the free waffle cone upgrade. Using the Mountain Due Cans would make a cheap family outing.
Catch: We don't like Mountain Due at all, so we have to find people to drink it, which is not really all that hard. Young's Employees gladly accept full cans as well.

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