Monday, August 04, 2008

Living Life Richly on the Cheap # 6

#6 Taking advantage of good deals on top of good deals.

I received a gift card to Cold Stone as a thank you gift for working in Awana at our church. This is a great gift because Danielle and I can enjoy about 5 trips to Cold Stone on a single gift card. Cold Stone makes just about the best ice cream around. So tonight we took Lily (our 13 month old daughter) and headed to Cold Stone at The Greene. The Greene is the local upscale shopping "city" in the area. On Monday's Cold Stone runs a deal: buy one medium ice cream creation get a kids size free. We got the ice cream to go (tax free in Ohio) and sat outside by The Greene's fountian and enjoyed the beautiful summer evening. Also, Lily really enjoys playing in the fountian and The Greene provides free towels to dry off with.

Since this item was not a necessity there are no savings just a total cost
Total Cost: About $2.5o in gas. (9.4 miles, 25MGP $3.479 per gallon) (The icecream would have costed $4.69)
Extra Bonus: I got to read a good book while Danielle did some shopping.
Extra Hassle: Waiting for the right day to get the extra deal.
Catch: Might become addited to Cold Stone Icecream.

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