Saturday, July 26, 2008

Living Life Richly on the Cheap # 5

#5 Riding your bike to work.

I'll post more later about how Danielle and I have one just car. I hardly ever drive our one car to work. I nearly always carpool or ride my ride. This week I rode my bike to and from work 3 times. This is a 25 mile round trip. The great part is 21 miles of the trip is on bike trails. I was able to eat breakfast and watch the sunrise over my neighbor's house. I spend about 1:40hr around trip on my bike. If I were to carpool it would take about 1 hour. So it costs me an extra 40 minutes to ride my bike. But I get a good amount of exercise in for only 40 extra minutes.

Total Savings: about $4.00 in gas or $14.50 if you use the government rate of 58 cents per mile.
Extra Bonus: Exercise without having a a gym membership
You need to find a way to shower once you get to work.

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