Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Enjoying the sunrises

One of unintended results of the later time change, the high gas prices, and my love for bike rides, is that recently I have been able to enjoy the sunrise of my bike treks to work in the morning. To day was exceptionally beautiful. The whole eastern sky was painted a brilliant red and orange. Truly awe-inspiring. I feel the the sunrise is God's blessing on each day.

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Matsu said...

JD - You *must* carry a little point-and-shoot digital camera with you on your bike ride to work each day. That way, you can not only talk about the glorious sunrises, you can show us!

I don't ride my bike to work, but I know what you mean about the beautiful sunrises. I like this time of year because I can watch them more often (i.e. I'm up and out the door before the sun rises).