Tuesday, October 09, 2007

1971-S Eisenhower Dollar

Today I visited 2 banks in Cedarville in search for dollar coins to add to my collection. As of late I have been interested mostly in the older silver coins mostly for their intrinsic value in silver. This also renewed my coin collection. I was looking for Susan B Anthony's, but oddly enough one of the the banks had a single Eisenhower Dollar the I eagerly bought. Upon closer inspection I noticed that this coin was a 1971-S. The S is very significant since it was minted out of 40% silver and was never intended for circulation, only meant for collectors. The collectors had to pay extra for this coin and came in a nice package and certificate. The odds of find such a coin must be extremely rare. Some one would have had to take the coin out of it original wrapper and spend it. It was quite the find and only cost me a dollar to find a coin that is worth about $3.40 in silver. The coin sells for about $8 on the internet with wrapper and certificate.

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