Thursday, July 26, 2007

Prayer Requests

Please be in prayer for theses two international events that God has laid on my heart.

Korean Christians taken hostage in Afghanistan.

This can from a student at Cedarville:

I am in exchange student from South Korea and right now the Taliban in Afghanistan have captured 23 South Korean Missionaries and are holding them hostage. One has already been killed and the other may be released, or they may not be. Please pray that God will deliver them, this He would strengthen and comfort the families, and that ultimately He will be glorified from this situation. Pray for deliverance. Thank you.

Economic Crisis in Zimbabwe

With 80% unemployment at hyperinflation many people in Zimbabwe are having trouble buying or evening finding food. Mugabe's price controls have left store shelfs empty and/or store owns in jail. Please pray that God works in this situation and the people would have food and see their need for the Saviour.

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