Monday, January 15, 2007

Awana Updates

Our Awana Missionary Tim Welcher visited our Awana Club. We kept him very busy with Council time for Sparks, T&T, Cubbies and Treck. He used rope tricks to present the gospel in a way that captivated the attention of most of the kids. We also took him out to dinner at Panera Bread. We had excellent conversations about motivation kids to memorizing verses. One of the thrills of eating out with Tim is not wondering if he will share the gospel but when. Thank you Tim for your inspiration to all of us at Cornerstone. We pray that God will continue to bless your ministries.

Danielle was promoted to Sparks Director this week. I know that she will do a wonderful job.

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Michelle McCallum said...

Thanks for commenting on my website, JD. I love how of all the people that read my website, a man has a great answer :)

Hope that everything is going well with you guys.