Friday, November 10, 2006

Somethings are best not outsourced

Danielle got me 2 DDR dance pads for my Birthday. We found the following warnings very interesting.

• There is maybe have some white powder on the surface of the product, please wipe off by a piece of soft, clean cloth.
• Make sure to pave the cushion.
• Don not put it near the furniture and other odds and ends.
• Young children must be guided to use it or need parents and teaches to accompany, in case to be tumbled by it.
• High technology product, do not apart, separate or fix it anyway. Or the damage can not be guaranteed.
• Do not keep it in the quite high or low temperature environment, especially far away from fireplace.
• If this product can't work well, please connect with your supplier directly.
• This product is made for indoor games only. Do not use it outdoors or in other occasion.
• Please shut off the power before removing this product
• Please put it on a flat floor, but not too smooth.
• Do not wear sharp shoes when using it, that may cause damage to the product.
• When using this product, pay attention to keep your feet safety.
• Strong jump or shake may cause influence to the video and audio output.
• Please do not jump strongly, that may bring troubles to the other person.

1 comment:

Laura said...

So, I'm confused, am I supposed to NOT keep it far away from the fireplace, or TO keep it far away from the fireplace?