Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The game of the millennium!

While some are calling the Michigan Ohio St match up the game of the millennium, I call it College football at its finest, it doesn't get any better than this. College football's great rivals face off head to head. #2 Undefeated Michigan playing at #1 undefeated Ohio st. Everything is at stake here. The trip to the National championship is on the line. All major sports polls have Ohio st #1 and the BCS *computers* have ranked Michigan #1. If Michigan's outstanding defence can hold and Michigan's offence can score early, we will have a great game. Go Blue! What could be better than coming in undefeated and then beating your arch undefeated rival ranked #1 at their house for the right to go to the national championship?

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Generalmole said...

I completely agree. This rivalry has almost always produced an incredible game of College Football. Regardless of the caliber of play each time has produced in previous games.

It is a highly anticipated game each year, and one I relish to watch. But unfortunately the one point about this which you and I will disagree is, "Go Bucks!"