Sunday, September 24, 2006

Estate Auction

While Danielle was helping a friend paint her new house, I drove up to Dayton, Ohio to visit Brian. Brian took me to my first Estate Auction. I was absolute fascinated by the whole process. I felt overwhelm, excited, amazed, and reflective. Their were collectors there buying paintings from $20 to $1,000. A bunch of people looking to resell items on eBay or elsewhere. I got the biggest kick out of watching people bid on expensive items and items that had *little worth*. It they can't get people to bid on something for a $1, then they add more junk to the lot until someone bids on the stuff. The late husband of the estatehad *hordes* of specialized pure silver coins. The guy who bought most of the coins, as best as I understand it is going to melt them all down and sell them for bullion. It seams so sad to see all those rare beautiful coins destroyed. Incidentally silver in now going for over $11 an ounce. I kept thinking about all the money I could make on eBay if I knew what I was doing, maybe next time I'll be more prepared. I had fun watching peoples reactions to items, bids, and bidders. This is supply and demand economics at it's best. I was bidden #100 and I won 3 auctions. 1) $1.50 replica of the plaque the astronaut left on the moon and a replica of a Kilogram of gold. 2) A dollar for some board games, deck of cards, and a where waldo book. 3) $2.00 for a souvenir plate of Paris.

I also was a bit reflective on death. They couple died with a lot of stuff that most of it people haggled over and sold for far less than what they paid for it. I couldn't help be think about where am I storing my treasures.

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