Sunday, September 17, 2006

Awana Crazy Hat Lesson

One of my goals with my blog is the share information with other people. I put together a lesson for crazy hat night and thought that I would share it with whoever wanted it. So here it is. I'll let you all know later how the lesson went.

Crazy Hat Night Lesson

Prep: Bought 8 hats from the Party Store in Lexington, next to Great Clips, south of the mall.

What I want the kids to learn:

· Hats often identify a persons job or responsibility.

· Christians also can be identified, *not really* by the hat they wear but the things they do.

· Live your life as an example so others know that their is something different about you. And when they ask what is different about you can explain that you are a Christian.


· Come in wearing my crazy hat, carrying a large bag of hats.

· "Wow, I am glad to be here tonight,and so excited to see you all here with your crazy hats. Let's see what crazy hats we have here tonight."

· I'll walk about the room and give a one sentence summary of a few of the hats I see.

· Hopefully, I'll find a few hats that identity what a child is interested in. Perhaps I'll guess totally wrong and the child will have to correct me. I want to make the point that I can tell something about you based on what hat they are wearing.

· If I find a kid wearing a hat that is connected to an occupation or job all have them come up front.

· "Well, let see what I have in my bag!" I'll have a kid pull a hat out of the bag. Each hat that is pulled out the kid will wear and the group will tell me what the job might be.

· Christians also can be identified, *not really* by the hat they wear but the things they do.

· Talk about the things Christians do, ask for examples. Pray, Read the Bible, Help others, tell others about Jesus, Obey mom and dad, listen in Church, be nice to others, Obey when no one else is.

· "Just like people can tell what job someone has by the hat they wear, people can tell your *different* by the way you act or the kind things you do. People will ask why do you do the nice things you do? This will be your chance to tell them you are a Christian."

· "Why is a Christian? I christian is someone who knows they are a sinner, (broken Gods rules). Sin must be punished and their is nothing I can do to "make up" for the sins, I have committed. But God loved us so much, that God sent Jesus his only son to died for my sins and the cross, in my place. This is God's gift to us. We must ask God for this gift. Once we have received God's gift, The God comes to us in a special way to help us understand how he wants us to act and obey him. "

· "If you have never prayed to received God's gift of taking my punishment, please see a leader after we are done, your leader will be able to explain more to you."

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