Sunday, September 17, 2006

$1.989 Weekly Gas Price Update 9/17/2006

According to the lowest price in the country is $1.96. The lowest I spotted gas price this week was today at Walmart for 2.019. With their gift card it would make the price $1.989, which is under $2.00 a gallon for the first time since [a long time ago *sorta* I just can't remember when]. Seeing as it is mid-September which more than 2 months before thanksgiving the original prediction for $2 a gallon gas.

I heard a new theory this week on the reason behind falling gas prices. OPEC has decided to help lower the price per barrow of oil. They has tasted and enjoyed the huge profits of $70+ per barrow of oil. However they want to lower the price so the US will stay *addicted* to oil. The reasoning is that Americans will stop looking for alternative energy solutions when gas is at $2.00 a gallon, but a 3.00 a gallon we start to seriously peruse alternatives. Then later OPEC will *gouge* us again. I think there is a lot a good logic behind the theory. On one hand this shows the even so called *monopolies* are effected by supply and demand, and on the other how short sighted Americans can be. Let hope we still per sue alternatives, that are truly a cost savings and are better for the environment.

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