Thursday, October 18, 2012

2012 Fall Election Xenia, Ohio Voters Guide

Xenia's Sample Ballot

President/Vice President

  • (Green Party) Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala (Web Site)
  • (Socialist Party)Stewart Alexander/Alex Mendoza (Web Site)
  • Richard Duncan/Ricky Johnson (Apparently Ohio is the only state he is on the ballot, and I couldn't find a website)
  • (Constitution Party)Virgil Goode/Jim Clymer (Web Site)
  • (Libertarian Party) Gary Johnson/James P. Gray (Web Site)
  • (Democratic Party) Barack Obama/Joe Biden (Web Site)
  • (Republican)Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan (Web Site)
U. S. Senator
  • (Democratic Party) Sherrod Brown (Web Site)
  • (Republican Party) Josh Mandel  (Web Site)
  • Scott A. Rupert  (Web Site)
Representative to US Congress (10th District)
  • (Libertarian Party) David A. Harlow (Web Site)
  • (Democratic Party) Sharen Swartz Neuhardt (Web Site)
  • (Republican) Mike Turner (Web Site)
State Senator (10th District)
  • (Republican Party) Chris Widener (Web Site)
  • (Democratic Party) Jeff D. Robertson (Web Site)
State Representative (74th District) (Web Site)
County Recorder
  • (Republican Party) Eric C. Sears (I could not find a Web Site)
  • (Democratic Party) Martin Borchers (I county not find a Web Site)
Member of State Board of Education (10th District)
  • Jeff Hardin (Web Site)
  • Todd Book (I could not fot his Web Site)
Justice of the Supreme Court
Justice of the Supreme Court
 Justice of the Supreme Court
 Judge of the Court of Appeals 
State Issue #1 Shall there be a convention to revise, alter, or amend the Ohio Constitution?
Issue 1 is a question that by law appears on the ballot every 20 years. It has never been approved since the 1910's. From what I can tell no one is pushing for this.
  • Yes
  • No
State Issue #2 To create a state-funded commission to draw legislative and congressional districts
Issue 2 deals with how the congressional district lines are redrawn every ten years. Currently, the lines are drawn by our electric officials in columbus. The republicans have been in charge and have drawn spaghetti lines across the state to keep as many republicans in power as possible. Issue 2 would set up a commission the draw the lines. Issue 2 is being pushed by a coalition of groups including ohio democratic party, Ohio Libertarian Party, a variety of labor groups and the League of Women Voters of Ohio. I am personally will be voting yes on this issue.
Local Issue 21 Proposed Tax Levy (Additional) Xenia Community City School District 6.5 Mills
About $200 per year on a 100,000 house.
School Levies are the hard.  I am not universally against them. I do want to support our local schools. It is reasonable to pay a little extra due the to state cuts. However, I do believe that the school district needs to make a strong case additional taxes. Simply stating there will be devastating if this does not pass is pathetic. I need to know, what will be cut, if the levy fails and what will be funded in the levy passes. From what I understand if this levy does pass Xenia will be one of the highest taxed school districts in the state. I think budget cuts should start with administrative salaries.   
Local Issue 22 A renewal of a tax for the benefit of Greene County Mental Health and Recovery Board 1.5 Mills About $47 per year on a $100,000 house

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