Saturday, December 04, 2010

Xenia-Jamestown Bike Trail

Here is my review of the new part of the Xenia-James town trail. From Xenia Station to Jasper Road. Pictures taken during a snowy December day. Click the above picture for more pictures of the new part of the trail, along with descriptions of the pictures.

The Xenia-Jamestown trail is now complete in Greene County other than the important fact that the tunnel still needs to be built under Bypass US-35. Below are two maps of the new parts showing the gap in the trail.

Xenia Station to US-35 (NEW)

US-35 to Jasper Road (New)

This is the road Detour I took. I've been told that there will be signed detour at some point.

Here is the whole trail from US-35 to the Greene/Fayette County Line

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