Friday, April 16, 2010

JD's Voter Guide Xenia, Ohio, Greene County, Ohio May 4th Republican

Here is my recommendations for Xenia, Ohio, Greene County, Ohio May 4th Republican Primary Ballot. I'm only including the contested races. I was unable to find much information about the judges. Their websites did not have much substance and I am relying on solely the option of Virgil Vaduva. As always, I welcome anyones else's recommendations, there might be other considerations that I failed to see.

For Auditor of State
*Seth Morgan True conservative fights to lower taxes, listed out the issues he cares about on his website and I agree with his view on all of them.
For Secretary of State
* Sandra O'Brien More conservative of the two options, check out her issues page.

For Representative to Congress (7th District)
* John Mitchel Opposes the Iraq and Afghanistan War. He is a champion of Liberty.

For Judge of the Court Appeals (2nd District)
Mike Hall
* George Reynolds Recommended by Virgil Vaduva

For Member of State Central Committee, Man (10th District)
Joseph Haines
David Kearney
(no recommendation)

For Member of State Central Committee, Woman (10th District)
Ashley Knowlton
Brenda K Lewis
*Cynthia J Bieghler - Tea Party Rep.

For State Representative
*Jarrod Martin Recommended by Virgil Vaduva, 2nd &10th amendment advocate.

For Judge of the Court of Common Pleas
*Mike Buckwalter Recommended by Virgil Vaduva

For County Commissioner
Alan Anderson
*Virgil Vaduva Ron Paul supporter, believes in small limited government, and personal freedom. He strongly opposes Xenia Income tax. He will say no to a lot of the current nonsense in Greene county politics. Virgil is so well spoken, I'll just let you read for yourself why he is running. The following is copied from his election website:

Here is what I pledge to you, should you vote for me as county commissioner:
  1. I will do my best to eliminate or lower tax rates in the county.
  2. I will work to eliminate the bureaucracy which has been creeping in, making it a hassle for people to create businesses, build homes and work in our county.
  3. I will find and promote ways to encourage people to reside in the county rather than seeking ways to leave the county due to high taxes and bureaucracy.
  4. Improve communication with county residents by an improved website and electronic means, and by making the budget, finances and salaries of all county employees more easily accessible to all. Such information should be easily accessible via a well-designed website where residents should not have to ask for it or go to great lengths
    to obtain it.
  5. Lastly, I will only accept a $1 a year salary; it is disgraceful for an elected official to accept $60,000 a year in taxpayers money for sitting in a few meetings each month and signing paperwork.

For County Auditor
*Dick Gould Not endorsed by Luwanna Delaney, our current oppressive auditor. He will demand FAIR and ACCURATE appraisals of your property.

Ohio Issue #1 To Extend the Ohio third Frontier Program by Authorizing the Issuance of Additional General Obligations Bond to Promote Economic Growth
NO No way I'm voting for more debt in our state

Ohio Issue #2 To change the location of the Columbus Casino
No It was not a good idea to grant monopoly privileges to casinos. Even dumber idea to put the longitude and latitude in the Ohio Constitution of said casinos, so no, you are stuck with the dumb law and location.

Local Issue #7 Proposed Municipal Income Tax City of Xenia
NO I'm not against police and fire fighters, but as I understand it, the City of Xenia only needs to raise half a million to pay for the current police and fire coverage, not the 2.5 million that the tax will raise. I don't think the city has been wise with their money. They used tax payer money to fund advertisements for this levy, this is not at all fair. This tax would also put Xenia and one of highest taxed cities in the state. This would put the city of Xenia at a competitive disadvantage for attracting new families and businesses. Why is the city asking me and other families for more money, when city workers get a raise, and while many in the city are taking pay cuts or facing unemployment. I think we should fund the shortage with donations and not through force of taxation.


CHodson said...

Very close to my votes; especially on the issues. But am leaning towards Jon Husted; and must vote for Steve Austria (my daughter's next door neighbor). :)

Roderick_E said...

In regards to Virgil Vaduva's law suit against Xenia and his representing himself as a "conservative",


Having interacted with Virgil Vaduva for almost 10 years, I've found this to be his tactic; often threatening to sue people for made-up injustices. One example is when Vaduva was suspected of threatening to sue Wikipedia because Wikipedia would not allow Vaduva to dictate a definition of a public domain word (see: Vaduva claimed he had actually trademarked the word (see: ) when in reality he only applied for the trademark but did not follow through. Further, the word is a public domain, theological word which was arrogant for Vaduva to even attempt to trademark.

Unfortunately, while Vaduva tries to represent himself to Xenia citizens as a conservative and a Republican, Vaduva's own writings over the past decade show him to be anti-capitalistic (see: point 6 & 7 ), thus Vaduva has a pattern of radicalism, not conservatism. Vaduva actually sees himself as a Libertarian. (see:

Vaduva even tells his readers how to more or less cheat/"hack" StarBucks to get free coffee: Are those the qualities we look for in representatives?

It is my opinion that Vaduva as an uninformed immigrant from Romania, he doesn't fully understand Americanism. His concepts of liberty and freedom may have been shaped more by rock throwing mobs of teens in the streets of Romania than by the principles and concepts of Americanism (obviously this is not true of all Romanian immigrants). Vaduva appears to think of himself as a revolutionary, more in a Che Guevara sense then in the American Patriot sense -- see Vaduva in a video he produced where Vaduva dresses as Che Guevara and claims Jesus was like Che: Indeed, Vaduva is even a leader in a group (some consider it a cult) called "hyper-preterists" (which I was once a part), who advocate Jesus already came back, that the resurrection of the believers happened in the year AD70 and that the judgment of the wicked and righteous is past, and that there will never be an end to sin. This group departs from anything that has ever been considered Christian. (see: This is important merely to show that Vaduva is a radical and not a conservative in any sense, not socially or ideologically.

I would encourage Mr. Martin to withdraw his support of Vaduva, as it is obvious from Vaduva's on pre-campaign material that he isn't really a conservative or a Republican. The only think accurate about him is he is "well-spoken", but so are con-men.

I am sorry the citizens of Xenia have to endure this man.