Monday, May 04, 2009

Not voting

Tomorrow, us Xenia folks have to opportunity to vote on a massive expensive new school system. The good news is that the state of Ohio is going to match almost dollar for dollar what Xenia will raise in increased property taxes. This just drives me crazy, personally, I don't think we need to spend 85 million dollars on schools. True some of our schools are falling apart and need replaced, but why do we need the Cadillac version? I'm not trilled about paying $365 a year for 28 years in extra property tax. But I would like to see nicer schools, but I don't think it's fair to the families who home school or families who pay to sent their kids to private school. With increased property taxes comes the possibility that families could not afford the higher taxes. With all this turmoil in my mind, I think that I am not going to vote. I'm going to be unhappy either way, that is unless this vote fails and we vote yes for far less extravagant new schools in yet another election later this year.

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