Sunday, May 10, 2009

[Insert clever phrase]

I thought you might enjoy these pictures taken about 22 months apart. Our son should be born in the next few days. A few days before Lily was born, I wrote a nice sentimental blog post. I tried that this time around and nothing really good came to my mind. But, I was inspired to write this on my bike ride home:

Wahoo! We are having a boy in just a few days! I'm going to have a son and I'm trilled. God is good to us and Danielle is amazing! I'm a big fan of being a Dad.

Lily does seam to understand that we have having a brother and to quote her "[Babies Name] belly, come, out, play!" I think she is excited as well.

As is becoming my tradition, our car is all washed and clean ready to go. Lily even help me out.

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Anonymous said...

How fun!! We can't wait to meet him and see the interactions with Lily! love, mom