Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yet Another 25 Things

It appears that the chain email of the 90's have been reborn in facebook, where everyone and their mother is posting 25 random things about themselves. So here is my list of 25 things for all you non-facebook people.

Includes an extra bonus one.

0. Danielle and I have one car for our 2-car garage - Our faithful ’94 Saturn with 153K miles.
1. I walk or ride my bike one mile each way so I can carpool to work.
2. I think Cedarville’s 4.0 mugs are idols. But I think it’s mostly jealously on my part b/c my friends made a pyramid of them.
3. When I was in 3rd grade I live in Paris for 6 months. I had a vast majority of the subway system memorized.
4. This last year I did two major bike hikes. One from Xenia to Cincinnati and one from Urbana to Xenia.
5. I am the Awana T&T director at Emmanuel Baptist in Xenia.
6. I used my study halls in high school to write a computer game for Awana Quizzing. Later, my friend Brian helped me write questions and market the game. We have since made thousands. I almost didn’t list it on eBay b/c of the 25-cent listing fee.
7. My brother and I were saved on the same day.
8. I voted 3rd party for president this last election.
9. I have a $10,000 Zimbabwe bill. As of today it’s worth 100,000,000,000,000,000,000th of a US dollar
10. I have totaled two cars, once b/c of speed and ice, the other b/c the engine gave up the ghost going up a hill.
11. Danielle and I spray painted her first car white, our nose hairs turned white. Years later we sold that car for $175.
12. In college I told God I never wanted to program for a living using vi or go to Africa. My first real job out of college, I programmed almost extensively in vi. Then when I started work at Cedarville, I learned to program in AE. So far no Africa.
13. I like to spend $2 bill, dollar coins and 50-cent pieces.
14. I hoard copper pennies (pre-1982) just in case the US dollar goes the way of the Zimbabwe dollar.
15. I am an Awana citation winner.
16. I have tens of Awana pins that I keep but will never wear on my uniform, so I don’t look too Awana spiritual.
17. My dad, my brother and I have developed a Thanksgiving or Christmas tradition to hunt for geocaches in Michigan in the snow.
18. When I lived in Kentucky, I used a ferry on a bike ride.
19. I am a numismatist
20. I email my cell phone company every time I get a spam text asking for a refund. I’m hoping they just give up and give me free texting. So far no luck. But they have refunded the fee each time.
21. Danielle and I have purchased two foreclosed homes.
22. I have never had a car payment
23. I hate shopping for cars. So instead of getting a bigger car, I bought a car top carrier for our car. I’ll let you know how it works out.
24. When in high school at Cedar Point, 3 fierce waterspouts were heading right towards us. Danielle drug me to the girls bathroom for safety, while my brother and other friends, stayed inline and got a better place since everyone ran away.
25. My college roommate kicked me in the nose while on a web cam talking with Danielle. There was blood everywhere.

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