Sunday, July 13, 2008

Living Life Richly on the Cheap #2

#2 Level Bill Pay

My gut tells me the the Gas Company has to be ripping you off with level bill pay. I mean common sense says, why should I pay ahead in the summer for my gas bill for the winter? I could make tons of money in interest if I created my own level bill pay - right? Well, not so much. Being the the over curious person I am, I sat down and did some math. I found that the gas company was really accurate with their estimate. If I did my own level billing I would accumulate an astonishing $2.21 in interest over the year. (This assumes 2.33% interest rate from paypal.) I believe that part of living richly is not having to worry about fluctuating budgets. So in this case, not getting $2.21 is worth not have a freaking huge gas bill at the same time I'm buying Christmas presents, and it makes the budget much easier to work with.

On a side note here in Xenia, OH the price of natural gas is up 38% since February and some are saying that next winter's heating cost could be double of last years.

Total savings: -$2.21 enough gas to drive -16 Miles ($4.099/Gallon @ 30MPG)
Extra Bonus: Saving hours and hours budgeting calculations and worrying how to pay the winter gas bills
Extra Hassle: Setting it up with the Gas or Electric Company.
Catch: Don't burn more gas than last year.

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