Monday, December 17, 2007

Is Freedom of light bulb too much to ask in America?

It looks like our beloved congress and president are going to sign the Energy Bill. A little-noticed provision of the energy bill is going to phase out the traditional light bulbs and replace it with an energy efficient bulb. Now I am all in favor of efficient light bulbs. I bought 30 compact florescent for our new home. According to the box I'll save nearly $1350 over seven years. But why is this a matter for Congress? I have a light bulb in the attic that is a traditional 60w bulb. It will be lucky to be on 3 hours a year. Why should I spend extra money for a efficient bulb in my attic. Some light fixtures don't have room for the efficient light bulbs and some people cannot stand the light that comes from florescent bulbs. Their might even be medical reasons to avoid florescent light. The law has terrible unintended consequences. I want the right to pick what light bulbs I use in my house. Why are we letting our country to be over run by bureaucrats? One more reason the vote for Ron Paul.

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