Thursday, December 06, 2007

I can't believe the number of people I know that actually want to vote for [Ron Paul]

“I can't believe the number of people I know that actually want to vote for him.” This was a statement made by a friend of mine about Ron Paul. He was saying this out of frustration. I am saying the exact same thing, but out of delight. I have known about Ron Paul for years and wished he would run for president. When I heard that he was running for president I was happy but figured he would only appeal to a few economic geeks like myself. After all who would vote for a guy that is anti-Iraq war, pro gold standard, pro-life and against nearly all types of government assistance and programs? Then I read on wikipedia that he a significant following on the Internet. The more I investigated the more support I found for him. I was amazed! There are people that feel the way I do. So why am I so passionate about him? Honesty and Consistency. If you listen to his speeches he says the same things, never pandering to the audience. I may not agree with everything he stands for, but I know where he stands and I know he is not going to change his mind. I wish the same could be said about our current president.

Ron Paul has the best foreign policy of all the Republican Party presidential candidates. I agree with his foreign policy, not because I’m simply against the war. I have carefully studied and researched foreign policy. While our intentions maybe noble, we cannot spread our good will through force or war. We can achieve much more in peace than we ever can in war. The terrorists of 9/11 didn’t attack us because they hate our freedoms or riches. They did not primarily attack of because of their religion. They are attacking us because they view our military actions in the Middle East as an occupation and threat to their holy land. We as Americans must understand this. “International pacifism” will achieve more trade, more friendships and perhaps lower prices at the gas pump and more peace. If we were to leave the Middle East, they would no longer view us as occupiers and lose their incentive to attack us. I’m not saying there will never be a terrorist attack, but there would be much fewer. The world will always have its nut cases. On 9/11 we lost 3000 people and several billion dollars in structures. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has cost us 5000 Americans, tens of thousands of Iraq’s and is approaching a trillion dollars of borrowed money, which Americans will have to pay for through taxes and inflation. How many more American soldiers are we willing to lose, how many families are we willing separate, and how many more dollars are we willing to borrow? If we ended our global military adventures, and had a strong defense at home we could save enough money to save social security and let the young opt out. With additional budget cuts we could even get rid of the income tax.

My friends, my support for Ron Paul is not some sort of hippy movement, but a result of diligent studying. I urge you to consider voting for this man for president. In October and November Ron Paul raised over 10 million dollars. This was more that the leading republican, Rudy Giuliani raised in the three months of July, August and September. December 16th will be another fundraising record for Ron Paul, which could push his fundraising total over 20 Million for the quarter. There are many people who feel very strongly about his chances to win. My hope is that this will be the election that will go down in history as the election where Americans said enough to the old way Washington is run.

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