Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ultimate Frisbee

Today I played on the Cedarville Computer Services Ultimate Frisbee team. Our team only had 7 players so I had to play the whole game. Man I'm out of shape. I guess bike ridding does not translate being in running shape. Oh well, We had a good time and only lost 15-10. Danielle and Lily even came to cheer us on.

In Economic News. The fed thought it was a good idea to devalue the dollar once again through cutting interest rates. The Canadian dollar today now will by 1 US dollar. The good news is that I'm sure I have about $4 Canadian leftover from our honeymoon that I bought for something like $3.25 back then. Silver is one to $13.33 or so, so my investment in 6 silver dollar coins is starting to pay off. So the moral of the story is: too many people with bad loans == bad for the economy therefore, lets lower the interest rate to encourage more people to borrow more $$$ so we can raise the rates again so we have more bad loans so we can lower the rates..... hmmm Good thing I am not the head of the Fed, I would just be lazy and set the rate at 6% and never change it, or even better yet let people buy and sell things with gold or silver and not have to do anything. OK end of Economic rant and time for bed. Good night moon.


Don said...

As a 45 year-old who still tries to play soccer, let me tell you that trying to stay in "running shape" only gets harder and harder as the years go by!

Anonymous said...

I want to play Ultimate Frisbee!