Thursday, September 06, 2007

a good debate night for Ron Paul

Last night I let my obsessive nature get the best of me. I watched the Republican Debate and follow up last night from 9-midnight. I felt the Ron Paul did exceptionally well despite Fox News effort to dismiss him as an outside wacko. Ron Paul placed 1st in the text message poll by a margin of 15 %-pts out of 8 candidates. Incedently, Sean Hannity was wrong you could only vote once per phone, yeah I tried it. It became clear that the other candidates could no long ignore Ron Paul. Fox News did give him more time to speak than the last debates. Two other factors happened last night that I think had side effects that greatly enhance Ron Paul's chances of winning the republican nomination. Ron Paul hit the nail on the head on his first question. The question was about Fred Thompson. Fred Thompson in now officially in the race. Which does dilute the vote among the 8 other Pro-War candidates. Ron Paul is the only Republican against the war. Mike Huckabee also did very well according to the poll. He thinks that the war in Iraq was a mistake but we need to keep our troops over their to fix what *we broke.* So now with Fred Thompson in the race and Huckabee now joining the ranks of Rudy Giuliani, John McCain ,Mitt Romney. So now we have 5 candidates all fighting for pro-war voters which amount to about 30% of the population or about 75% of Republicans. If split evenly is 15% each. Ron Paul appeals to traditional *Pro-Peace*, non-interventionist Republicans, the young, Libertarians, non-voters and some Democrats. The pieces are falling into place for a Ron Paul Republican nomination. Any one else want to jump in the race and fight for votes among the *big 5*?

Here is another thought for Anti-war, pro civil liberty democrats who really don't care if Hillary, Obama or Edwards wins. If you think the war is immoral and must end then think about hedging your bets and momentary crossing over to the republican side and vote for Ron Paul in the primary? Think about it. If Ron Paul wins the primary no matter happens, even if the democrats happen to lose the election we can bring our troops home. Certainty Ron Paul must be better than Rudy or McCain!? You might even find you agree with a lot of what Ron Paul supports. Indeed Liberty is Popular. Government is not the solution Government is the problem. Watch Ron Paul Highlights.

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