Sunday, July 01, 2007

Wiki Trail Sign?

For nearly 10 years the bike trail signs at Xenia Station have the mileage to the next town left blank until now. I personally decided that they need filled in. In the spirit of Wikipedia, the encyclopedia that any can edit. I wanted the trail sign mileage to be edited by anyone. I used dry erase markers to fill in the the mileage. I see two drawback to this: 1) My handwriting is not the neatest and 2) the black on green cannot be read far enough away. On the positive side: 1) It is very cheap, I already had the the marker, 2) It has easily be modified or removed without damaging the sign. I believe this is the first internet mention of "Wiki Trail signs". So far after about four weeks of testing the marker has stood up the the rain and sun.


Laura said...

hmm. So if an earthquake creates a 20-mile fault between there and Beavercreek, it can be easily updated. Resourceful.

JD Mackiewicz said...

Well, It's more like in case Beavercreak is really 7.95897676457489 Miles or since Beavercreak is several miles longs.. is it 8 miles to the center of 7.4 miles to the edge or 8.5 miles to the center of town but the last .5 is not on the trail.