Monday, June 04, 2007

Pregnancy in Review a Father's perspective.

*The days are being accomplished* As the Danielle's due date approaches, I find myself more reflective. I have received tons of advice and suggestions. Seeing as I have no clue what the next months *really* hold, I find most of the advice nearly worthless at this time. I know that I am going to look back and think, yeah they were right, but at this time I don't know enough to act on the advice. Each little girl I see make we wonder what our girl will be like.What color will her eyes be? What color will her hair be? Will she listen to me? Will I even know what to advise her? Will she enjoy the adventures of bike riding and geocaching like me? and/or will she take after Danielle and constantly be thinking of creative ideas. Ideas that are useful for not simply decorating, but creative ideas to help and serve others. What will she make her life's ambition? What will Danielle and I do if we disagree on how to raise our daughter? I pray that I will be a good example and that by God's grace she will become one of God's Children. As I await the birth of our daughter, I know I'm not ready of all this, but I know that God is faithful and step by step He will lead and instruct us. Through it all I know that out family must learn, to love, forgive, learn and laugh together.

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Patrick said...

We'll be praying for you and Danielle and helping both of you out in any way we can... =)