Sunday, April 29, 2007

This week by the Numbers

2 Number of Geocaches Dad and I found this weekend in his new car.

3 Childbirth Classes Completed 2 to go.

$2.959 – 2.999 The range of the price of Gas I observed Friday traveling to Michigan Not counting the two outliers of $2.899 & $2.879. I bought gas at the $2.879 price.

4 Number of time Danielle and I have Attended Emanuel Baptist Church, Xenia

4 Number of new counties that I found a Geocache in this week

4 to 8 Number of weeks left in Danielle’s Pregnancy

18 Number of horse and buggies observed while driving through Shipshewana, Indiana

41 Number of consecutive days I have found at least 1 Geocache.

61 Total counties I have Geocached in

232 Miles to Grandma’s House. (Danielle had a Baby Shower This Weekend)

563 My Geocaching find count.

10,683.32 - 13,148.00 The 52 week range on the Dow Jones Avg.

$129,800 Current asking price for our house

133,742 Miles on the Saturn

$8,822,312,309,909.44 The Outstanding Public Debt as of 29 Apr 2007 at 10:26:22 PM GMT

1 comment:

Matsu said...

JD, I must ask you a question. Exactly what were two geo caches doing in your father's new car? It seems to be an odd place for a geo cache. Unless this is the new "DGPS" type of geo cache? The "D" stands for "dynamic" -- the GPS coordinates are updated on the website in realtime. Very cool!

Hope you new job is going well! Look foward to seeing you again, some day. Either down here or up there (that is not a reference to heaven and hell).