Saturday, April 14, 2007

IWU Visit

Danielle and I visited Alicia today at IWU. Man, they keep building and building more and more, it's crazy, they even took over Nebraska St. Their cafeteria and Cafe complex now rival most mall food courts. So many options from subs, the sandwiches, to pizza, to Mexican to Chinese and more it's just crazy! IWU also is building more dorms and classroom and a new college church.

We enjoyed our visit we played cards, watch Duck tails on DVD, played hockey-foosball and ping-pong. The best part of the pay was going the the best Ice-Cream shop I have ever been too, perhard the best in Midwest Ivanhoe's. Hmmm warm strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries, warm shortcake and hard Vanilla ice cream. We we able to solve and find this geocache while eating ice cream. It doesn't get much better. Well, 70 degrees and summer would have been nice compared the snow covered roads in mid April. I also found two other Geocaches adding a total of 3 new counties to my list. It was a good day. Now to watch more Duck tails.

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