Monday, March 19, 2007

Welcome to Xenia

Just a quick post to tel you all know that Danielle and I arrived safely in Xenia on Saturday with all our stuff packed into a 26 foot uhaul truck pulling out pickup truck. I had a great first day of week. Danielle continues to do well with her pregnancy. More picture and posting to come soon. If you would like our mailing address please send me an email

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Matsu said...

Ummmm. You have a new e-mail address, so how can we send you and e-mail?

Why don't you send me an e-mail. It's the same as it's always been. Would love to get your new work e-mail address so I can stay in touch.

I'm really glad you survived the move and made the trip, safely. I look forward to reading more about your new life as you get settled in over the next few weeks.

Take care!