Saturday, March 03, 2007

500 Geocaching Finds

This Tuesday I reached 500 Geocaching finds at an event in Richmond, KY. I was surprised to arrive there and find they had brought me a cake with my name it, as a going away gift. I really enjoyed the event talking with cachers I had met on the trail and at events. I have hidden nearly 70 Caches and watch over nearly 10 more in 8 Central Kentucky Counties. I will let other geocachers in the area adopt most of these caches. Most of my cache were placed to bring people to locations they would not of otherwise visited. I also tried to place caches in locations and counties that did not have caches already. The geography is Central Kentucky is very beautiful. I will truly miss the winding roads around the rolling hills. I hope to make it back to Kentucky for another event. Soon I will be placing a list of caches I think we the best in the local Geocaching Chapter

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