Monday, February 19, 2007

House Inspection Disaster

This weekend did not go as planned. We drove 3 hours north to Xenia,Oh to be present for the house inspection we wanted to buy. The inspector found a whole slew of problems and not just minor problems but 3 pages worth of major problems including foundation, electrical, roofing, deck, insulation, and drywall. A search on the Internet reveled that the house had not had it's final building inspection yet. There were enough (unfixable) problems that we had to cancel the contract. So the bad was is we are not buying a house now, and we spend $300 on the inspection. The good news we don't own a crappy house that we could not live in, we got to see Ben and Ann's new baby boy Caleb, and we found clean place to rent. Our lease is through the end of July so that should give us enough time to sell our house and find a new one.

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Kcirtap said...

What?!?! You already found a place to rent for a couple months? No way!!! When did that happen?