Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Chrismas 2006

Wow it has been awhile since I have had a new post. Mostly, I think because their has been much to write about. Danielle and I had a wonderful Christmas break We were able to see most of our families. I was able to go geocaching with my dad and some with my father-in-law, play disc golf with my brother, Bryan, Evan and Alica. We ended our trip up North with by going bowling with Dean & Ruth and Jim & Marisa, and Alica. I had an excellent first game bowling a 125. Danielle did well also and bowled a 114 It was not a white Christmas up in Michigan, which was my first green Christmas in years. If this winter continues this way, I might go a whole winter without seeing any significant snow, which would be a first for me in my life. Danielle and I can home with a bunch of DVD's, several books and calenders, a few new games and air compressor and an iPod shuffle. Danielle continues to be very well with her pregnancy. We are eager to find out the gender of our little one at the very end of January. We praise God for sending His Son to earth to pay for our sins.

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