Sunday, December 03, 2006

BCS injustice

Well, Michigan will not be facing Ohio St in neutral ground rematch for the National Championship. I never really was in favor of a rematch (College football is not about rematches). However, I was routing for UCLA and Arkansas yesterday. I think the pollsters voted the wrong way. Michigan and Ohio St are the best two teams in collage football but they have already played. I saw nothing in Florida yesterday that proved they could come close to beating Ohio St. The coaching was sloppy, and team seam disorganized. Florida only won b/c of *massive* mistakes by Arkansas. This is what I think should happen. Since Ohio St is undefeated and Boise St is undefeated, they should allow Boise St the opportunity to get blasted by Ohio St, and let Michigan, Florida battle for *the prized #2 spot.* I'm glad the Michigan had the opportunity to determine their own destiny of the field, all be it an expensive, poorly sodded field.

Just for the record, this is how I think #2 should be decided. 1st of all a win is a win no matter how little or how huge your victory is. So now extra *style* points should be awarded for large victories. On the flip side a loss is a loss no matter how close or how large. Since Florida and Michigan both has one loss, you need to look at who they lost to. Michigan lost to number #1 Ohio who is undefeated. Florida lost to #10 Auburn which has two losses. If both teams had one loss to undefeated teams then we could look at margin of *lostitude* Incidentally Michigan's only loss was by 3 points and Florida's was by 10 points. So by my reasoning Michigan should be #2 with a chance to play for the national championship. Oh well, perhaps a 4 team play off would be better, that way at most there is only won extra game in the season and rarely would a number #5 or lower team have even an argument that they should be fighting for the national championship.

At any rate Michigan had an excellent season, and a game for the ages against Notre Dame and Ohio St. They do get to go to the Rose Bowl, and it should be a great game. Boo BCS, Go Blue!


awana81 said...

I was reading something the other day that I thought hit the problem on the head. The BCS is not geared to declare an undisputed national campion - it's geared toward bringing in the most money for the supporting conferences that it can.

Christon said...

One point - There is no way Boise Stat should ever get a chance at the title this year. Undefeated it may be - but it's schedule sucks. It's been playing almost exclusively Pac10 teams. As much as I am a Pac10 fan, as I'm from the area, the Pac10 sucks. They are probably the weakest conference in the past few years. They may have one or two good teams *ahem* USC, but in all reality, any team with a schedule as weak as Boise's shouldn't get a title, even if they're undefeated. Let's see how they do when they play against the really good teams.