Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hoping for grid-lock

Next Tuesday America votes on the full house and 1/3 of the senate. Many are perdicting that the republicans will lose control of one of both houses. I think that the best case for the election is a return to a balance of power between the parties. The last 6 years of Republican controlled goverment have been a major disapointment including: major defecet spending, porks pending, increased federal goverment power, fewer liberties, trade terrifs and emborgos, nationalism, protectionism and mismanagement after natural disastors. All of which I use to believe were against Republican idology. On the flip side I do not see those issues getting any better on Democratic control. My current theory is that if the Democrates hold one house and the Republicans hold the other, the Republican might return to more conserviative votes, but most importantly the two sides will fight will each other, and nothing would get done, which would be a major improvment over the last few years.

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