Thursday, October 19, 2006

One Year of Geocaching

Last Friday marked one year of geocaching for me. In that year I found 378 Caches in 7 states, Hid 60 Caches, and adopted 13 more. What I enjoy most about geocaching is finding out of the way places that other people have found interesting. I very much enjoy the multi and puzzle caches. Recently geocaching has become less about the numbers and more about the people I cache with and the places it takes me. I'm a bit sadden everytime a search for a micro where there could easily been a larger cache. Larger caches even the smalls offer so much more, include the ability to exchange items and stash travel bugs. This next year I'll be hiding much less, 73 is a bit much to handle and I'll be caching mostly with friends, much less solo runs, I also hope to make it to a few more events. My goal for next year is to reach 500. I have found all but one it Jessamine County and I'm tired of hunting for Micro in urban Fayette County. Thanks to all the other cachers I have come to know while on the trail.

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Johnnygeo said...

I understand your passion of geocaching. I enjoy it as well.
Take care,