Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Florida Pictures

Danielle and I had a great time in Florida we stayed at the Wycliffe apartments. Danielle's Cousin Nate is a missionary for Wycliffe. He was able to show us around Florida and give us a quick tour of Wycliffe. It was neat to see how God is working with Wycliffe and learn about vision 2025 to see Bible translation in progress in every language group that needs it. While in Florida we where able to visit the beach twice. Once is the early morning to see the sun rise and collect shells and once with Nate and his friend after the sun set. I was able to get some geocaching in, which included dodging popping buzzards near alligator path. With new road layouts Florida seams to be very generous with design. It is was very typical to see 4 lane boulevard roads with palm trees the the grassy medians. There were bike lanes in addition to very wide side walks. We were able to take advantage of the wide sidewalks and go rollerblading one evening. It was nice to have smooth wide *flat* sidewalks. Rollerblading has been a huge challenge in Kentucky do to all the hills. We had a very relaxing and un-stressful time.


Pizza Cutter said...

Found you through the ever-dangerous "next blog" button. Every day, I hit the magic button and link what comes up as the "Next Blog" of the day on my site. Today, you're it. But what exactly is geocoaching?

JD Mackiewicz said...

Geocaching is a "sport/hobby" where people hid stuff in containers around the world and post the GPS locations on the internet and the other people go out and find your container. It is a fun way to go to new places and exchange items and stores.