Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fall in Indiana

This last weekend Danielle and I drove up the Central Indiana, the land of *oceans* of corn to meet my parents and Jim & Marisa. We found 5 of 6 Geocaches along the back roads and did a good deal of hiking at the Shades State Park. Danielle, Jim, Dad and I played 9 holes of disk golf in Crawfordsville, IN. We decided that we would play again and keep score making this a Mackiewicz tradition. For the record on the second round Jim won with 2 under par and I had 3 over par and Dad didn't keep score. I was able to redeem myself by winning Rummikub. I went out first twice. Which *never* happens to me. Danielle who normally cleans up in this game, lost big time. It was a great weekend, we even got to see the Tigers win their playoff series and Michigan beat Michigan St.

Here are some pictures I took, I hope to add more later.

Fall Trip with Family
Oct 2, 2006 - 15 Photos

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Janelle said...

Hey JD,
I just found your blog. I really enjoyed the pictures from your weekend in central Indiana. Sounds like you all had fun!