Sunday, September 03, 2006

Geocaching over the Labor Day Weekend.

I was able to go geocaching this weekend, once with Dave and Greg and once with Danielle! Greg, Dave and I went to Paris, Kentucky and found 5 of 7 all hidden by FishDog. The two we didn't find where camouflaged film canister in wooded areas with lots of green ivy everywhere. I despise film canisters in the woods almost as much as I had "unique containers" in urban areas where lots of people are looking at me. Ok end of *rant*. I had a great time with the guys and we enjoyed seeing Paris and finding 5 caches.

Today Danielle and I went to Raven Run and found 3 of 3 caches. I was especially thrilled since Danielle found the hard one, that the previous cacher could not find. I love it when that happens! The weather here in Kentucky has been great 60-70 for highs.

Yesterday when Danielle and I went to the Versailles Flee Market, I was able to fix up two on my caches and hide a new one.

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